27th North American Catalysis Society Meeting – May 22-27 – New York

The 27th meeting of the North American Catalysis Society, NAM27, is the first scientific event in the field of catalysis research and development in 2022. It will feature technological challenges, breakthrough discoveries, and state-of-the art academic and industrial research.


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What is the Catalysis Society?

The North American Catalysis Society was founded in 1956 to promote and encourage the growth and development of the science of catalysis and those scientific disciplines ancillary thereto; to provide educational services to members and other interested individuals; to organize and participate in professional meetings of scientists; to report, discuss and exchange information and viewpoints in the field of catalysis; to serve as a central exchange for the several catalysis clubs concerning information on their activities; and to provide liaison with foreign catalysis societies, with the International Congress on Catalysis, and with other scientific organizations and individuals.