BlackCycle contribution to European Raw Material Information System (RMIS) – October 2023

The Raw Material Information System (RMIS) is the European Commission’s reference web-based knowledge platform on non-fuel, non-agricultural raw materials from primary and secondary sources, providing a structured repository of knowledge. The overarching goal of the RMIS is to facilitate:

• the availability, coherence and quality of knowledge required by specific EU raw materials policies and EC services,
• access to key raw materials information from knowledge bases within and beyond Europe.

The RMIS provides the core basis for raw materials knowledge and analyses required to support EU policy, such as the European Green Deal, the new Circular Economy Action Plan and the new ‘Industrial Strategy for Europe. The RMIS supports EC policy needs through data management and a web interface, in particular addressing knowledge needs identified by the European Commission related to the secure and sustainable raw materials systems and value chains.

The work carried out in BlackCycle project will contribute to feed new data on RMIS, on various aspects of the platform such as Raw Materials Profile for Natural Rubber, Material Flow Analysis (MFA) for the ELT industrial value chain including supply chain, flows & stocks and a Sankey diagram, Criticality Assessment and RawMaterial factsheets and recycling input rates.

Blackcycle project contributes to the continuous updating and further development of specific profiles for each material and each EU country providing information and quantitative indicators to support knowledge of the needs of EU policies in raw material.

For more information here is the platform link: