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Jean-Michel Douarre
Head of Research, Sustainable Materials / Michelin, France
Experienced Research Leader driving sustainable innovation in tyre manufacturing through pyrolysis technology.

Spearheaded research initiatives aimed at leveraging pyrolysis to transform old tyres into raw materials for new tyre production.
Led the BlackCycle project funded by the EU, successfully demonstrating the feasibility of pyrolysis in producing clean carbon black from end-of-life tyres.
Managed a multidisciplinary team and collaborated with industry partners to optimize the pyrolysis process for maximum efficiency and sustainability.

  • Pioneered the development of a prototype bus tyre using carbon black derived from pyrolyzed old tyres, showcasing comparable performance to traditional tyres.
  • Established methodologies for maximizing resource utilization in the recycling process, ensuring minimal waste and environmental impact.
  • Positioned Michelin as a leader in sustainable tyre manufacturing, aligning with the company’s goal to transition to 100% sustainable materials by 2050.

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