BlackCycle was present at 13th European Congress of Chemical Engineering (virtual event) – 20 to 23 September 2021

Ramón Murillo, scientific researcher, and leader of the Environmental Research Group of the partner Icamcyl, and co-workers have presented a poster titled Mathematical model for the conversion of a rubber particle under pyrolysis conditions in the Subtopic Sustainable production, low carbon & circular (bio)economy, clean water. R. Murillo, T. García, A. Sanchís, A. Veses, J.D. Martínez, Instituto de Carboquímica, CSIC, Miguel Luesma Castán 4, Zaragoza, Spain

This work describes the mathematical model developed to predict the conversion of a rubber particle under pyrolysis conditions. Spherical symmetry was assumed for the heat transfer model. A Neumann condition was considered in particle’s center and heat flow from the bulk phase with Newton’s equation was applied.

Two different phenomena were considered : particle drying and particle pyrolysis. For the first one, a first order simple rate equation was considered but for the second one, the distributed activation energies model (DAEM) was applied because, in general, waste tire is comprised of a complex mixture of different compounds. The comprehensive model was developed in VBA and can be used through any Excel framework. After running the program changing different process parameters and rubber physical properties, consistent results showing the expected trends were found. The model is available to be integrated into any reactor model, regardless the reactor geometry or operating conditions.