Blackcycle won the 2023 RecircleAwards – November 2023

November 2023

Blackcycle won the 2023 RecircleAwards, that annually recognise the contribution of companies and individuals within the tyre manufacturing, retreading and recycling industries towards the Circular Economy.
It aims to create a tyre circular economy by developing innovations and value chains to transform End of Life Tyres into high quality materials like sustainable Carbon Black that can be used in new tyres.
This award recognizes the excellence of the work done within the project blackcycle and its results that will greatly contribute to the circular economy. 

Jean-Michel DouarreMichelin Coordinator the Project says:
“We are extremely proud of that award. It is a recognition of the collaborative and innovative work of the team made of 13 entities. We have collectively managed to solve a lot of difficulties and get outstanding results. This award is pushing us to go even further until the end of the project in June 2024 to make the tyre circular economy a reality »

The BlackCycle project consortium is formed by 12 partners from 5 different countries (Orion, Ineris, Quantis, Icamcyl, Aliapur, CSIC, CPERI/CERTH, Sisener, Pyrum, Estato, Hera, and Axelera) and led by the French world leader in tyre manufacturing Michelin.