Event review : Final BlackCycle dissemination workshop

An event aimed at highlighting the results of BlackCycle project, co-funded by the European Commission and focusing on creating a circular economy of the end-of-life tyre (ELT) into technical applications like tyre industry by producing high technical second raw materials (SRMs) from ELTs. These SRMs will be used to develop new ranges of passenger car and truck tyres, which will be sold commercially in European and global markets.

On 28th May 2024, more than 90 participants – manufacturers, equipment suppliers in the recycling sector, institutions and partners in European projects – gathered at the Victor’s residenz-hotel, in Saarbrücken, Germany, to attend the final dissemination event of the results of the European BlackCycle project. This was an opportunity for the 13 partners in the consortium to discuss the project and present their results.


The presentations and discussions were moderated by Simona Maassen from ORION.

The morning sessions began with a short introduction from the project officer Floriana La Marca. Jean Michel Douarre and Margarita Dorato from Michelin introduced the BlackCycle project, detailing its context and value chain. They emphasized the project’s aim to create a sustainable lifecycle for tyres, highlighting its significance.

Next, Thomas Simonelli from Michelin and Alexander Prokein from Estato presented innovative selective deconstruction methods for end-of-life tyres. Following this, Andreas Kapf from Pyrum and Ignacio de Pascual Samper from Sisener covered the optimization of pyrolysis processes and distillation methods.

A networking break provided participants the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss potential collaborations.

After the break, Celso Magri from Orion and Marion Servel from Michelin focused on producing high-quality secondary raw materials, such as sustainable carbon black and plasticizers, from recycled tyres. They highlighted the processes and quality of these materials, essential for manufacturing new products.

Magali Heurtefeu from Michelin then discussed closing the loop by using secondary raw materials as direct replacements for fossil materials in new tyres. She showcased how these materials are successfully integrated into new tyre production, exemplifying a closed-loop system.

The morning sessions concluded with a presentation by Christina Papadimitriou and Augustin Million from Quantis, along with Margarita Dorato from Michelin, on the viability of the BlackCycle value chain. They demonstrated the project’s economic and environmental feasibility from a holistic perspective.

The afternoon sessions began with an introduction by Jean Michel Douarre from Michelin, setting the stage for detailed research presentations. Juan Daniel Martinez from CSIC-ICB presented on the design and operation of a packed pilot-scale distillation column for tyre pyrolysis oil, focusing on recovering valuable raw materials. Eleni Pachatouridou from CERTH-CPERI followed with a presentation on catalytic upgrading techniques for tyre pyrolysis oil, aimed at enhancing the aromatic content and improving the quality of the resulting raw materials.

The late afternoon sessions shifted focus to the circular economy and deployment strategies. Margarita Dorato from Michelin introduced the BlackCycle deployment strategies, outlining the steps and milestones achieved.

Jean-Philippe Weber from Michelin, Cédric Perben from Eastman, and Guy Malair from Ineris discussed the crucial role of social acceptance and outlined strategies for achieving it, emphasizing the need to comply with health, safety, and environmental standards.

Jean Michel Douarre from Michelin followed with a presentation on navigating regulatory challenges and accelerating the deployment of the value chain, highlighting the need for supportive policies and frameworks.

After a coffee break, Thomas Simonelli from Michelin introduced the WhiteCycle initiative, a complementary project addressing additional aspects of the circular economy and material recycling.

Philipp Runge from DG Grow at the European Commission outlined advanced strategies for deploying recycled materials, providing insights into European Commission initiatives supporting sustainable material use.

The event concluded with Jean Michel Douarre from Michelin summarizing the key results and calling to action, emphasizing the collective movement towards a green revolution in tyre recycling.

Our warmest thanks to all the speakers and participants who contributed to the success of the day!

Download the presentation here !