Interview of Michelin by Martin Von Wolfersdorff – July 2022

Interview of Michelin by Martin Von Wolfersdorff

June 1st, 2022


ETRA conference took place during three days at the end of May. The Conference is the culmination of a year-long series of ETRA-led and supported activities and events that focused on market development and expansion for a broad array of recycled tire materials, products and applications

There were many informal opportunities for delegates and speakers to meet and discuss common interests during Matchmaking activities, cocktail receptions and meals, etc. and after-hours meeting.

During the conference, Jean-Michel Douarre, European Director of the BlackCycle Consortium had the opportunity to be interviewed by  Martin Von Wolfersdorff who is a Tire Pyrolysis and Recycling Specialist. Martin Von  Wolfersdorff   has been in operation as a consultancy since 2014.

You can watch the video to learn about Michelin’s lead in the BLACKCYCLE Consortium, relevant BlackCycle products and ways to engage with BlackCycle. The video was registered in the Kleine Zavel Park in Brussels, just before a rainstorm !



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