Non-confidential summary of progress in year 1 from Michelin

The BlackCycle project aims at creating, developing, and optimizing a full value chain form ELT feedstock to Secondary Raw Materials (SRMs), with no waste of resources in any part of the chain and a specific attention for the environmental impact. These SRMs will be used to develop new ranges of passenger car and truck tyres, which will be sold commercially in European and global markets.

Michelin have been concentrated on defining the scenarios to valorize SMRs. The material development teams have evaluated the performance of different SMRs in rubber formula in order prepare the validation phase for the confection of sustainable tires. The teams have identified the scenarios to reach the technical objectives of the project to maximize the valorization of SMR.

The studies for the development of several chemicals are ongoing and the first feasibility tests were succeeded. As well, Michelin have implanted experimental tools to ensure the scale-up and to provide representatives samples.

Blackcycle project aims to enable a massive circular economy of tires, Michelin, as coordinator, oversees the deployment of innovations allows the Europe. We have organized workshop to identify the risks related to the industrial deployment across the Europe. The team has identified the critical aspects and will deployed corrective action from the design stage in order to mitigate the risks and to ensure its success.