Discover BlackCycle’s achievements: Explore the project’s opportunity leaflet

This opportunity leaflet is a comprehensive document highlighting the project’s value chain, achievements, and the deployment of its cutting-edge technologies.
Let’s delve into each section to understand the significance of this initiative.

1- Value chain and innovations

The Opportunity Leaflet opens with an exploration of the BlackCycle Project’s value chain, elucidating the journey from End-of-Life tyres to the creation of high-value products, ready to be used in new tyres.

The leaflet outlines the key innovations driving the project forward. From advanced deconstruction machine to the production of secondary raw materials, each aspect of the BlackCycle Project is underpinned by cutting-edge technology.

2- Achieved results

The second section of the Opportunity Leaflet provides a glimpse into the tangible outcomes achieved by the BlackCycle Project.

Through meticulous research and collaborative efforts, the project has achieved notable advancements in recycling end-of-life tires and reducing CO2 emissions. Quantitative metrics include the volume of tires enabled for recycling through the implementation of BlackCycle, the reduction in carbon emissions compared to energy recovery methods, and the percentage of tire fossil materials that can be replaced by the project’s raw materials.

3- Technology deployment and policy brief

In its concluding section, the Opportunity Leaflet delves into the deployment of BlackCycle Project’s technologies. By demonstrating the feasibility and scalability of innovative recycling solutions, the project advocates for new policy frameworks that promote sustainable waste management practices.


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