Orion sets to reduce carbon black plant’s emissions using new control technology – May 2023

A US$60m project will see Orion investing in control technology to reduce the emissions of its plant in Borger, Texas. The company will also upgrade the facility’s cogeneration system, which works by taking heat generated by the carbon black production process, and then converting it into electricity that can be used at the site. Surplus electricity can also be sold back to the grid.

Through the installation of the new emissions reduction technology, Orion aims to improve air quality by eliminating 23 tons (or 90%) of the nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide emissions produced by the carbon black plant each day.


The emissions control technology has also recently been fitted at Orion’s sites in Ivanhoe, Louisiana, and in Orange, Texas. In 2023, the company will complete its final US-based emissions project at its facility in Belpre, Ohio.
“Investing in emissions control technology and generating more clean energy are key to our commitment to sustainability,” said Orion’s CEO, Corning Painter. “We are proud that we’ve upgraded these plants, but it was an extremely demanding undertaking. As we complete the Belpre project, Orion will have significantly more free cash flow to invest in growth projects; 2023 marks a new era for the company.”



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